Virtual Decluttering
Virtual Decluttering
Digitally removing clutter and other items to have a more pleasing result
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What do we
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Remove the Clutter for a Cleaner Photo
Maybe your clients idea of 'organize and clean for photos' isn't exactly what you hand in mind. Or maybe, the day your photographer took photos Christmas decorations were still up. Whatever it is, we'll be happy to remove unwanted wall hangings, items on tables and counters, ugly light fixtures, plants, small pieces of furntiture and boxes / laundry baskets stuck in corners, etc... ! Virtual Decluttering will leave you with a clean, attractive photo for you listings.
Benefits to you
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Quicker Sales
Our professional realtor customers tell us our virtually staged homes sold quicker than they expected.
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Higher Sale Prices, Profits, Commissions
More attractive listing photos means better offers from buyers.
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Easy to Change
Photos can be revised all online, & can be redone in different themes without moving trucks and crews.
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The average expense to hire a professional decorator to partially stage a home is $1800.
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Quicker Staging Completion
Our typical project is completed in 36 hours, though some photos take up to 48 hours.
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Increased Calls & Showings
When buyers see 'home' instead of an empty room, they pick up the phone to make it theirs.
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I just got my pics today and am so highly impressed. The job you did was fantastic. I am really amazed at how good those rooms look.
Luxury Real Estate Agent
Tom C.
Great job again! My interior designer says you really did terrific on taking her layout and making it look great.
Real Estate Agent
Mike T.
The two photos were a HIT and my house went under contract within a few days of updating the images.
Homeowner / Agent
Shonna R.
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