Terms of Service

All users of RetouchingPros.com, a serviced provide by Zhytomyr Media LLC (herein referred to as "us", "we", "Zhytomyr Media", 'Retouching Pros", or "RetouchingPros.com"), must read and accept the following Terms of Service ("Terms of Service").

These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of any service we provide, either through the use of our online website, or offline. This will serve as a binding agreement between you, the customer "Customer" and Zhytomyr Media. Your access to the website and Service are reliant upon your acceptance and adherence to these Terms of Service. Any violation of these Terms of Service may result in your access to the website and Service being revoked.

Zhytomyr Media reserves the right to changes these Terms of Service at any time. You may access this webpage at any time to review changes. Your continued access and use of the website, or Service after Zhytomyr Media makes such changes will be considered your agreement to be bound by any such revisions to the Terms of Service.

1) Our Services

The RetouchingPros.com Service consists of a set of products, services, processes, human powered services, and websites made available by Zhytomyr Media LLC to you, our Customer. You may use such services for uploading, storing, downloading, and transmitting any number of images and related notes, instructions, communications, and data.

We will provide our services according with the Service chosen and provided instructions submitted by registered customers. Upon submittal, we will begin working on fulfillment of the order and related photo edits within a reasonable timeframe. The timeframe the order will be completed is dependent upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to order submittal date and time, weekend and holiday hours, size of order, and overall volume of work placed by the collective group of our Customers. We will strive to finish your photos within 24 and 48 hours. From time to time, our photo editors may have questions that need to be answered before they finish working on your photos. This will delay the fulfillment of your order until all questions are answered.

2) Your Submissions

You agree that you will not Upload, Submit, or transmit any of the following material, or receive any such material by using the Service:

a) Any material that you do not own or have express permission to submit.

b) Any material that can be deemed obscene, abusive, inappropriate, or can open either you the Customer, or Zhytomyr Media to civil or criminal liable under any applicable law.

c) Any material sent from an anonymous, spoofed, fake, or inaccurate address. As such, you agree to provide your legal name and email address that you use as your own.

d) Any material that promotes hatred, discrimination, violence, or other forms of harm against any individual, group, or being, alive or dead.

e) Any material that contains software viruses, malicious code, or other mechanism designed to interrupt, destroy, limit, or block the functionality of any computer software, hardware, programs, and related equipment.

3) Privacy Information

Your uploaded photos, reference photos, and post-editing photos are in general not made available for public access or viewing. From time to time, Zhytomyr Media may use finished photos in marketing material or as examples for our portfolio. You agree to grant us explicit license to use your photos in the manner described in this section. You maintain ownership over all photos, however, and may request any derivatives of your photos that we show publicly be removed. Upon receiving such request, we will remove them within a reasonable time frame.

4) Account Security

You are required to use a password to register, and access RetouchingPros.com. You agree to not share such information with anyone else, and to be the sole user of your account. You agree to be fully responsible for all activities that occur by your logged in account. You agree to immediate notify us if your account has been compromised, so that we may act to secure your account once again. We are not responsible for loss or damage occurred by anyone who has accessed your account.

5) Payment Method

You are required to fully pay for your order online before your order will be submitted for our Services, unless previously agreed to in advance. We accept credit card payments online at the time of Checkout.

6) Refund Policy

Due to the nature of photo editing, there will be no refunds for completed work, even in the event of dissatisfaction of the finished product. We will allow you to submit requests for revisions for free up until 14 days after fulfillment of your order. Please see our revision policy below.

7) Account Balances

Account balances may accrue as the result of bonuses, refunds, courtesy credits, promotions, or potentially puchased. Account balances are non-refundable and non-transferrable Account balances may be used as payment for services, and should any 'refund' event involving projects paid for with account balances, the refund will be completed as a credit to the account balance.

8) Referral Program

Our referral program is administered at our discretion. Any bonuses earned as a result of a referral bonus are given in the form of Account Balance credits, and are subject to the relevant sections of this terms of service agreement. We may end the referral program at any time, and any unearned bonuses will be automatically expired. By participating in our referral program, you agree to participate in good faith and to not abuse the referral program by opening multiple accounts. Any bonuses found to be the result of bad faith practices will be automatically forfeited.

9) Revision Policy

We are happy to provide revisions under the following terms:

a) All revisions must be requested within 14 days of order fulfillment. Your order will be automatically accepted and archived 14 days after fulfillment.

b) Revisions must be consistent with any original instructions, or clarifications given during the question and answer period initiated by our editors.

c) Any revision that is requested that contradicts the original instructions shall be granted or denied at our discretion.

10) Photo Additions, Removals, and Replacements

You may add, remove, or replace photos up until the order has been paid for and submitted. After this point, photos may not be added, removed, or replaced. You agree to verify the orders and instructions you are submitting before paying for the requested services.

11) Storage of Photos

Your original and finished photos will be stored on our servers for a period of 90 days from the time the order was fulfilled. You may access and download at any point within this time, however upon the 90th day, your photos will be removed and will no longer be available.

Any photos uploaded, but never paid for and submitted will be removed 30 days after there has been no further activity to advance the project. You agree to submit any project you begin within 30 days of project creation.

12) Termination of Relationship

You may terminate your relationship with RetouchingPros.com by requesting that your user account and related photos be deleted from our servers. We will fulfill your request within 30 days of receiving it. We may terminate your account and use of our website and Service at any time, for any reason, without recourse. We will suspend your account if you have violated these terms of service, if we believe you seek to defraud us, or if you have disputed a payment with your payment vendor. Demanding a refund for reasons not outlined in these Terms of Service, or for a submitted project to be cancelled and refunded may result in suspension or termination of your account.

Any violation of these Terms of Service may result in immediate termination of your account and refunds will not be provided for any work inflight.

Last Revised: November 25, 2019